Friday, 30 September 2011

Another nights work! IC 1396

29 September 2011 IC1396

Well Bizibilder must admit that this is not much to look at for the non-astronomer!  It is a nebula (a gas cloud, part of one really – called IC1396 - its very big) in the constellation Cephus.  Bizibilder was actually trying to image a specific part of the nebula, a dark patch of interstellar dust known as the “Elephant’s trunk”.  Part of it is visible top centre!  Bizibilder didn’t “miss it” its just that he wasn’t quite sure where it was in relation to the main nebula!  The image is not too bright, even though it was a 3h 30min exposure as Bizibilder’s camera is not designed to image red nebulae and actually has a filter that blocks much of the light!

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