Thursday, 27 October 2011

A New Telescope!

Bizibilder was able to try out his new telescope last night – for a couple of hours before the clouds rolled in!  The new scope is designed to give “near perfect” colour correction and should enable Bizibilder to make some improvements in his image quality!  Last night was “first light” and he was able to take images of a couple of objects:

Comet Garradd (C/2009 P1):

Picture saved with settings embedded.

Hopefully you can see that this comet has developed a faint double tail – Bizibilder blogged a short movie of the same comet a couple of months ago.  This image was taken over 30mins in 2min “subs” so it is a bit “noisy”.  The “smudge” ahead of the comet (to the lower right) is a galaxy – NGC6408.

M57 – The Ring Nebula in Lyra:

Picture saved with settings embedded.

Only 46mins exposure was possible for this object before the clouds rolled in.  Bizibilder also imaged this object in Sept 2010 – you could look back Here to see his “progress” over the last year!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday Sun:

26 October 2011 JPEG26 October 2011 Annotated JPEG26 October 2011 Long & Lat

Today’s Sun through some pretty poor seeing with clouds and haze causing my stacking software to reject over 70% of the 100 frames taken!! (Just too fuzzy!).

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A bit of back garden Lunar Geology

Geological Moon

Bizibilder has been having a play with an image of the Moon that he took a while back – the only important thing is that it was taken in colour.  By using Photoshop he was able to subtly increase the colour saturation of the image in many small stages and, by combing this with a copy of the original “grey” image, to get the surface detail, he was able to produce this composite.

The colour is quite real and shows the Lunar “seas” to be a deep blue, other mountainous areas are a distinct rusty colour.  from this it can be deduced that the surface rocks are similar within each colour area and that the rocks of the seas and mountains are different – Lunar Geology from Bizibilder’s back garden!!

Bizibilder is sure that with a bit more care (after all this was only “playing”) he could get an image that showed more detail of differences between the various kinds of surface rock.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday Sun but no close-ups!

23 October 2011 JPEG23 October 2011 Annotated JPEG23 October 2011 Long & Lat

Not too bad a set of images today – Hope you like them – there is still quite a bit going on.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wintery Sun?

22 October 2011 JPEG22 October 2011 Annotated JPEG22 October 2011 Long & Lat

Taken this afternoon through high wispy cloud – quite a bit going on at the moment on Sol and still about two years to the next maximum!  Sorry no close-ups as it was too hazy.

Friday, 21 October 2011

More Jupiter:

18 October 2011 Jupiter sequence

19 October 2011 Jupiter sequence

A couple of sequences of the planet Jupiter taken over two evenings.  In the upper one the GRS is visible crossing the disc – even though it still looks a bit yellow to Bizibilder!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Map of Jupiter

15 October 2011 Jupiter Map

Bizibilder has used a piece of software (WINJupos) to create a map of Jupiter using two of the images from the sequence in the post below.  Its not too good as one of the images is a bit “soft” but you get the idea.  It should be possible to map the whole planet in one night as the rotation period is so fast!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mooning on a Saturday night!

15 October 2011 Moon Mosaic 1

Above is a mosaic of about six panes from last night – dark and atmospheric thinks Bizibilder!  Below are two famous craters Plato (on the left) and Clavius:

15 October 2011 Plato 23 15 BST15 October 2011 Clavius 23 19 BST

Jupiter sequence from last night

15 October 2011 Jupiter Sequence

This sequence shows the rotation of Jupiter quite well (The Planet rotates once in around ten hours ie it has a ten hour day!) you can see the rotation over the 90 minute period of these pictures (they are not evenly spaced in time as Bizibilder was experimenting with these.

The “Great Red Spot” can be seen as the distinctly yellowish blob in the lower of the two main belts of darker colour on the planet – red it ain’t!

By doubling the image size with an extra lens Bizibilder simply showed that the seeing was not actually that good last night:

15 October 2011 Jupiter Barlow 21 50 BST

Weekend Sun (Sunday)

16 October 2011 JPEG16 October 2011 Annotated JPEG16 October 2011 Close ups16 October 2011 Long & Lat

The Sun this morning – the seeing was not so good so the detail is lacking!

Weekend Sun (Saturday)

15 October 2011 JPEG15 October 2011 Annotated JPEG15 October 2011 Close ups15 October 2011 Long & Lat

Bizibilder finally had clear skies coinciding with a weekend.  The Sun is quite low now and this makes imaging a little tricky!  Today the seeing was quite good so there is quite a bit of detail.  The group AR1319 is quite fantastic!  Over forty spots within this group and it is still developing.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A rather smudgy planet (which may be Jupiter!)

3 October 2011 Jupiter 1

Bizibilder attempted another image of Jupiter last night – the “seeing” was awful and this rather blurred object was the best of a bad bunch!  It just goes to show the effects of the atmosphere.

Monday, 3 October 2011

A rather dull Sun

3 October 2011 JPEG3 October 2011 Annotated JPEG3 October 2011 Long & Lat

This will almost certainly be my last "weekday Sun" image until the half term holidays. The Sun was so low when I got in from work that it was partially behind the roof of a neighbours house!! So - just the full disc today as the close-ups are too poor to show (even for me!!).

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Jupiter–1st October 2011

1 October 2011 Jupiter Mosaic

Bizibilder had a go at imaging Jupiter last night.  He managed the above and quickly learned that he didn’t know quite as much about planetary imaging as he thought he did!!  Hopefully more of the same target tonight – Bizibilder has to have a early night as its work in the morning – so no long Deep Sky imaging runs that go on until the early hours!

Sunday’s hazy Sun

2 October 2011 JPEG2 October 2011 Annotated JPEG2 October 2011 Close-up2 October 2011 Long & Lat

All a bit hazy today – but here are the pictures anyway.

1st October Sun

1 October 2011 Annotated JPEG1 October 2011 JPEG1 October 2011 Close-up1 October 2011 Long & Lat

The Sun on the 1st October.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

“The Bubble” (and M52)

Picture saved with settings embedded.Picture saved with settings embedded.

Big version here - 1.9Mb  Play “count the stars” !! (Background is part of the Milky Way)

Took 3h 30min of 5min subs last night of M52 and the Bubble - quite pleased with the results!  The Bubble (top right and almost perfectly spherical) has been created by the “stellar wind” from a massive star at its centre blowing gas out and causing it to glow to form the Bubble shape we see.  It is around 11000 light years away.  Bizibilder thinks this is one of the prettiest objects in the sky!  We mustn’t forget the open cluster Messier 52 which is in the same field of view but only about 5000 light years away. Hope you like!

ED80PRO with reducer to f 6.5/Canon 1000D unmodded ISO 800/HEQ5 EQMOD/ QHY5 finder guider with PHD/DSS (I used 30% saturation on this as 20% seemed a little washed out) and PS CS5 with Noels actions. If it stays clear I may try for another 3 hours or so tonight.