Tuesday, 29 November 2011

M42 (A work in progress)

Picture saved with settings embedded.

This is Bizibilder’s first night’s images of the “Great Nebula in Orion” or M42.  This image is one and a half hours exposure (in 5minute “subs”)  with a second set of 10 mins (in 30 second “subs”) to capture the detail in the bright “core” of the object.  The two images were combined in Photoshop.  At the top you can see the “Running Man” as a shadow in the upper gas cloud.  Bizibilder intends to continue to image this object over the next few weeks (weather permitting) and add some depth and detail.  He has one slight problem in that a neighbours tree gets in the way and only allows around two hours of data collection at a time.

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  1. If you showed him these photographs I bet your neighbour would gladly cut the tree down - these are fantastic images.