Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday Sol:

27 November 2011 JPEG27 November 2011 Annotated JPEG27 November 2011 Long & Lat

One heck of a struggle today with galeforce winds! I took 150 DSLR shots (ISO 100 and 1/800 sec) and only stacked 57 of them after I (and the stacking software between us) had rejected the rest for various degrees of "wobblyness"!  No chance of a webcam close-up in these conditions - just too much movement (I was using my tripod mounted EQ5 and Evostar 120 as I can only see the Sun from a part of my garden away from the observatory at this time of year). After all that struggle we have a nice line-up of spots right across the disc and a new AR just creeping round the limb.

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