Friday, 27 January 2012


26 January 2012 Earthshine

The light that is illuminating the “dark” part of the Moon here has travelled quite a long way!  From the Sun to the Earth, where it has reflected back to the Moon, where it has reflected back again to the Earth and Bizibilder has captured it in his camera!  This is a stack of 5 second exposures to show what is called “Earthshine”.  The “light” part of the Moon is therefore severely overexposed.

Bizibilder has added more data to his M42 picture…

Picture saved with settings embedded.

Bizibilder managed to collect a further hour (see image in post below) of data on M42 last night before the clouds rolled in.  This image is therefore two nights data stacked into one single image (aren’t computers wonderful?).  It makes quite a difference to the depth of colour and detail that you can see.  The “core” is a bit washed out as it is very bright so the next task is to collect some short “subs” to correctly expose for the brightest parts of the nebula and then to overlay them onto this image – weather permitting, of course.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A clear, moonless night at last!

Picture saved with settings embedded.Picture saved with settings embedded.Picture saved with settings embedded.

Bizibilder finally had a clear night (with temperature just above zero and no gales!) on Monday (23 Jan 2012).  So he took these test images with his (now not so) new imaging scope – a 120mm refractor.  The first (top left) is M42 in Orion – this time just over an hour of exposure time.  Top right is the Rosette nebula – again about an hour. Bottom is the open star cluster called Messier 35 (You can also see the smaller cluster NGC2518 to its right hand side).  This one is 50mins of exposures.  Bizibilder is quite pleased that the new scope is coming up to expectations – all he needs now is clear skies so he can get much more time on these objects!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Sun today

22 January 2012 JPEG22 January 2012 Annotated JPEG22 January 2012 Long & Lat

The Sun today taken during a gale and with clouds scudding about all over the place!  Hence the poor quality of the images.  You can see the clouds as some of them have come out of the stacking software as shadows on the Solar disc.

Finally finished the freestanding pier!

Bizibilder finally finished his new telescope pier today and has installed it outside.  He used it to mount a telescope for todays images of the Sun and was pleased to find it was as solid as a rock!  Well worth all the effort of making it.  It is positioned to allow Bizibilder to see the Sun from a position that avoids some trees and other obstructions when using the observatory.

Monday, 16 January 2012

A pair of Planets…

A first for Bizibilder – Venus.  As this planet is between Earth and the Sun it shows phases (just like our Moon).  At the moment it is moving eastwards away from the Sun and will be getting much nearer to Earth as it moves towards us.  You can easily see Venus  in the Southwest after sunset – it is by far the brightest object in that part of the sky.

14 January 2012 Venus

Jupiter is still visible high in the South after sunset.  This sequence was taken on the 14th and shows the rotation of Jupiter over about three hours.  There is also a picture of three of Jupiter’s moons – this is a composite of two pictures, one of the planet and one with a longer exposure to reveal the moons.

14 January 2012 Jupiter and Moons14 January 2012 Jupiter sequence

Sunday, 8 January 2012

More pier progress

binmount 2mountlid onply ring

A few pictures of progress on Bizibilder’s portable pier – he has finally done some more work!  To be fair last week was spent putting several coats of varnish on the timber ring that is now fitted below the pier top (and watching the paint dry between coats!).  The waste bin makes a functional, if odd looking, cover over the mount.  It sits tightly over the timber disc and will hopefully protect the mount against the weather and ferocious beasties!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Sun on Saturday with Bizibilder’s new green filter

7 January 2012 JPEG7 January 2012 JPEG green7 January 2012 Annotated JPEG7 January 2012 Long & Lat

This is a conventional series of Solar images from Bizibilder with an extra one thrown in!  He has just purchased a new green (Wratten #58) filter to try and improve the surface detail from his full disc pictures. (The “green” image is the top right one – all the colours in the above images are false and are provided via Photoshop processing).  Bizibilder thinks he is on yet another steep learning curve!

5th January 2012 Moon pictures

Better late than never!  Bizibilder has been a bit busy over the last couple of days so these are posted a bit late!  The first is taken with his DSLR camera (it is a mosaic of two panes – top and bottom).  The second is an 11 pane webcam mosaic of the Mare Imbrium area of the Moon.

5 January 2012 Moon Mosaic5 January 2012 webcam Mosaic

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Terminator!

The Terminator

This is a seven pane mosaic of the terminator between the light and dark part of the Moon from last night.  Below is a view of the whole visible Moon from last night:

Big Moon

Monday, 2 January 2012

The New Year Sun–Happy 2012 to All!!

2 January 2012 JPEG2 January 2012 Annotated JPEG2 January 2012 AR Close ups2 January 2012 Long & Lat

Bizibilder finally managed to take some Sun pictures today!