Monday, 30 April 2012

A hazy Sun this afternoon

30 April 2012 JPEG30 April 2012 Annotated JPEG30 April 2012 Long & Lat

Taken through high clouds and haze but at least Bizibilder could see the Sun for once!!

Venus as it zooms towards us!

Venus 29 April 2012

As it zooms towards a position between Earth and the Sun Venus starts to show a crescent phase and gets quite a bit bigger than it was a few weeks ago.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


26 April 2012 JPEG26 April 2012 Annotated JPEG26 April 2012 Long & Lat

Through a few gaps in the clouds this afternoon.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Sun–first time in nearly a fortnight!!

Well.... Bizibilder finally had a break in the clouds and managed 55 DSLR frames (which I suppose equates to around 2minutes!!).  Then it promptly clouded over and poured down again!!  Anyway - here are the results:

22 April 2012 JPEG22 April 2012 Annotated JPEG22 April 2012 Long & Lat

The Sun has recently passed through its “maximum lean to the right” position (its not really leaning over – its all to do with line of sight in the solar system where just about everything is at some angle or other to everything else!  So the Longitude and Latitude diagram with the grid should start to “straighten up” over the next few weeks!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

M42 (Again!) The Great Nebula in Orion

Picture saved with settings applied.This was taken as an exercise for my newly modified Canon 1000D.  M42 was getting rather low as these were taken on the nights of 26, 27 & 28 March, with the nebula sinking below the neighbours rooftops!(Techie stuff:  ED120APO, Reducer, SW LP filter, Canon 1000D, ISO 800, subs 5min, 1min, 15secs with darks and flats.)  I think there must have been quite a bit of haze and murk around looking at the "fuzzy" brighter stars.   However it has achieved what Bizibilder set out to do which was to show the true “red” colours of this object.  Next year (when it is again well placed for imaging) Bizibilder will try to get some much longer exposures to show the extent of this vast nebulosity.  The upper, bluish, nebulosity is often referred to as the “Running Man” – maybe you can see him?

(Look back to 2nd February to see the image taken with the same set-up but before Bizibilder’s camera was modified).


Today’s Sun–back into the old routine again….

14 April 2012 JPEG14 April 2012 Annotated JPEG14 April 2012 Long & Lat

Taken through about the only gap in the clouds today!

(As you can see Bizibilder has finally discovered how to size thumbnails properly!)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Four days worth of “Suns”

April 1st:

1 April 2012 JPEG1 April 2012 Annotated JPEG1 April 2012 Long & Lat

April 5th:

5 April 2012 JPEG5 April 2012 Annotated JPEG5 April 2012 Long & Lat

April 10th – spotless!!

10 April 2012 JPEG10 April 2012 Annotated JPEG10 April 2012 Long & Lat

April 11th:

11 April 2012 JPEG11 April 2012 Annotated JPEG11 April 2012 Long & Lat

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A distinct lack of Blogging!!

Bizibilder has to apologise to his reader but his computer recently went “PHUTT!!”.

It is now mended and normal service will be resumed shortly!