Monday, 7 May 2012

A humongous new sunspot group!

7 May 2012 JPEG7 May 2012 Annotated JPEG7 May 2012 Long & Lat

Bizibilder managed to find a few small breaks in the clouds over central Norfolk today thanks to Sat24 (weather website) - He just managed to fire off four or five frames in each break until he gave up with a total of 73 frames in the bag.  (Techie stuff:  62 of them were good enough to stack in Registax 5 and process in PS.  120mm ED APO stopped to 100mm, Baader Solar film, Canon 1100D ISO 100 1/3200 sec).
There is a very impressive new spot group that has just come into view - AR 1476 - should be worth watching if we get some clear skies!

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