Sunday, 15 July 2012

Weekend Sun–through the clouds

15 July 2012 JPEG15 July 2012 Annotated JPEG15 July 2012 full frame15 July 2012 Long & Lat

This took nearly two hours to get!  Bizibilder set up as Sat24 (Satellite weather website) seemed to show the cloud breaking up - everything was aligned after about 40mins waiting then had to wait another half an hour for a second gap in the clouds to image through.  At least Bizibilder got some gardening done while he waited.....

Techie bit:  The "close up" is actually a crop of the full size image taken and all images are from a stack of 41 out of 130 DSLR images taken.  SW ED120 APO stopped to 100mm. Canon 1100D ISO 100 1/3200 sec.  Baader Solar Film.

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