Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Crescent Nebula or NGC 6888

Last night was Bizibilder’s first time out imaging for over a month! He managed three hours on the Crescent Nebula.  (Techie bit:  SW ED 120 APO. Canon 1000D modded, ISO 800 5min subs x 36 = 3 hours total exposure. 24 flats and 30 darks. HEQ5 with EQMOD, guided by SW ST80 and QHY5 with PHD. Processed in DSS and PS CS5).

The Nebula is in the constellation Cygnus and has an apparent size about half that of the Moon.  It is about 5000 Light Years away and is the result of a star becoming a Red Giant – the wind from the star is energising the gas around it and making it glow red.  There is a lot of general nebulosity (gas clouds) in this area of the sky.

Picture saved with settings applied.

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