Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hazy Half-term Sun

30 October 2012 JPEG30 October 2012 Annotated JPEG30 October 2012 Long & Lat

Very hazy today and the Sun is quite low now even around midday.

Monday, 29 October 2012

First Sun for a while!!

29 October 2012 JPEG29 October 2012 Annotated JPEG29 October 2012 Long & Lat

Nice to have a sunny gap in the clouds!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Jupiter and our own Moon–Last night

27 October 2012 Jupiter27 October 2012 Moon

Both clickable to make them bigger.  The seeing was awful!  AND two whole weeks since the last clear night!!!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

And a reprocess with extra data: –now 5h 35m exposure

Picture saved with settings applied.

Click to enlarge.

M33 A work in progress.

This was taken on Friday night – A total of 4 h 10mins exposure – of the Galaxy M33 in the constellation Triangulum.  Bizibilder has imaged this before but decided to go for a really long exposure with his modified camera.  Unfortunately the rest of the weekend was not clear so he will have to wait for another clear night to get more data.  Whilst the galaxy would appear about as large as the Moon in the sky it is very faint indeed! The pinkish blobs within the galaxy are huge dust clouds where new stars are forming.  Click to enlarge:

Picture saved with settings applied.

Sunday Sun–the early bird!

14 Oct 2012 JPEG14 Oct 2012 Annotated JPEG14 Oct 2012 Long & Lat

Todays Sun - taken early as the sky was moderately clear, just some hazy clouds scudding around at high speed!  (Stack of 51/100 with 20 flats.  ED120APO, 1100D ISO 100 1/2000 sec Baader Solar film.  HEQ5).

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday Sun with a blotchy spot:

13 October 2012 JPEG13 October 2012 Annotated JPEG13 October 2012 Long & Lat

Managed to find a clear patch this morning and managed these.  The seeing was quite poor with the image jumping around all over the place - especially with the close-ups.  Click to enlarge:

13 October 2012 Active Regions

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Double Cluster (again…….Well Bizibilder likes it!)

I set up last night with the skies looking none too promising - some high haze and a few clouds, with a forecast of mist forming. I decided to persevere and chose an "easy" target - the Double Cluster in Perseus. Luckily the skies cleared up quite a bit after about half an hour (I had to discard the first three subs) and I was able to collect 2h 20mins in 5min subs, 30 flats and 30 darks from the dark library were used. There is still a little "softness" due to the high haze but at least I got an image!

SW ED120 APO, HEQ5, EQMOD, ST80 QHY5 guiding via PHD, Modded Canon 1000D ISO 800, SW LP filter, 5min subs. Processed in DSS and PS CS5.

CLICK (and click again!):   Double Cluster

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dew and a bit of gardening:

This mornings dew on a spider’s web:


And the result of a bit of gardening by Bizibilder – burying 500 bulbs!. Should be a good show in the spring!


Sunday Sun:

7 Oct 2012 JPEG7 Oct 2012 Annotated JPEG7 Oct 2012 Long & Lat

After a foggy morning which would not clear properly!  So taken through high haze.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Clear skies!!–The Sun today

6 October 2012 JPEG6 October 2012 Annotated JPEG6 October 2012 Long & Lat

Todays Sun and close ups of the two major spots:

6 October 2012 Active Areas

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

After work Sun–3rd October

3 October 2012 JPEG3 October 2012 Annotated JPEG3 October 2012 Long & Lat

Still quite spotty with a new one just coming into view.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Some Sunny Spots!

29 September 2012 Sunspots 129 September 2012 Sunspots 229 September 2012 Sunspots 3

Bizibilder has finally been out with his new Astro-camera and pointed it at some sunspots!  These are the results, taken last Saturday,  The delay has been due to each one taking around an hour to process!

1st October Sun

1 October 2012 JPEG1 October 2012 Annotated JPEG1 October 2012 Long & Lat

Today’s Sun.