Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Double Cluster (again…….Well Bizibilder likes it!)

I set up last night with the skies looking none too promising - some high haze and a few clouds, with a forecast of mist forming. I decided to persevere and chose an "easy" target - the Double Cluster in Perseus. Luckily the skies cleared up quite a bit after about half an hour (I had to discard the first three subs) and I was able to collect 2h 20mins in 5min subs, 30 flats and 30 darks from the dark library were used. There is still a little "softness" due to the high haze but at least I got an image!

SW ED120 APO, HEQ5, EQMOD, ST80 QHY5 guiding via PHD, Modded Canon 1000D ISO 800, SW LP filter, 5min subs. Processed in DSS and PS CS5.

CLICK (and click again!):   Double Cluster

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