Saturday, 23 February 2013

Designing stuff

Bizibilder has been thinking about upgrading (i.e. rebuilding) his observatory.  The one he has is fine but is a bit small and offers little protection for himself or the computer on a cold winters night!

He has been using Sketchup – which is, he has discovered, very easy to use for this sort of 3D design work and can be learned quite quickly.  It leaves you with a fully dimensioned drawing of more or less anything you wish and have the time to produce.  The drawing below represents about four hours work – and that is by someone who is essentially starting from scratch.

17 New flat roof OPEN

All that is missing from this “roll off roof” design are the roof panels – as they would hide all the constructional details.  The design is 7’ x 9’.  There is a panel under the front edge of the roof that is the front of a small so-called “warm room” – unheated but out of the cold and wind!!

And with the roof closed:

16 New flat roof Fully edged

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