Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Sun again (two days in a row!!)

30 October 2013 JPEG30 October 2013 Annotated JPEG30 October 2013 Long & Lat

30 October 2013 AR Details

The image below is made of two images – one taken with a stack of JPEG and one with a stack of RAW frames.  Bizibilder’s normal way of imaging the Sun is with a stack of JPEG images (usually around the best 50 from 130 or so – the rest being discarded), however, JPEG does show “compression artifacts” and RAW should give a better result.  It certainly does – and you should be able to see the difference here (two second “blink” between images) – especially the detail within the general surface granulation on the Sun.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Sun is out at last!!

29 October 2013 JPEG29 October 2013 Annotated JPEG29 October 2013 Long & Lat

29 October 2013 Active Areas

My first Solar image since the 6th October!!  These were taken with my 120mm Achromat on my semi portable pier and motorised EQ5.  Baader Solar film, Canon 1100D at ISO 100 and 1/1250sec.  I also took a few close-ups but the Sun was so low (only 18° above the horizon) that they are quite poor.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Yet another “waxing gibbous” Moon!

16 october 2013 Moon

From Wednesday night – click image to enlarge.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

And today’s Sun:

6 October 2013 JPEG6 October 2013 Annotated JPEG6 October 2013 Long & Lat

Double Cluster: “First night light” for the new Observatory

I finally received the long USB cables I needed to connect everything up in my new observatory so last night became the official "first Light" with pretty much everything working.  Polar align using EQMOD and then some 30sec subs on the Double Cluster just to check things out.  ED120APO on an HEQ5 with EQMOD, Canon 1000D (modified).  The only thing I did not set up was the guiding - this will have to wait for another night.  Image stacked in DSS and then processed in PS CS5.  (For scale – The picture is about 3 Full Moons across)

60 x 30sec subs (total exposure = 30mins)  24 darks  16 flats  24 bias   (Click image to enlarge)

Picture saved with settings embedded.