Thursday, 26 December 2013

Back to my Crab Nebula Project

I managed another session on M1 last night (Christmas Day). For the first time ever I suffered from dewing problems and had to break out the dew heaters!

Anyway - this is now a total of 9 hours 40 mins of 5 min subs and the nebula is starting to really show up quite well. (As is my less than good processing!). Evostar ED 120 APO with reducer, Modded Canon 1000D at ISO 800, EQ6 and EQMOD, guided with an ST80/QHY5 and PHD.

I make that: 116 x 5min lights, around 72 flats, 28 darks and 24 bias to make up the image. Processed in DSS and PS CS5.

First a 2000x2000Px crop from the full frame: (Click images to enlarge)Picture saved with settings embedded.

"Full size" crop of the Nebula:Picture saved with settings embedded.


And just for an idea of scale - the circle represents roughly the size of the Full Moon:M1 9h 40m scale

Next clear night I hope to get a few more hours on this target!!

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