Sunday, 8 December 2013

Crab Nebula–combined data from two nights

I took 3 hours of the Crab the other night (see post below) and have now processed these along with an additional 2h 40 mins that I took last January.  Thus a total exposure time of 5h 40mins.  I was also able to be selective with my subs and manually discarded 20 or so from the January batch before processing - they were a bit "bright" due, probably, to home high haze that night.  Evostar ED120APO with flattener, Canon 1000D (modded), stacked in DSS and processed in PS CS5.

First a generous crop from the center of the original stacked frame (for scale – the Sun or Moon would just fit in the top image):  Click on images to get full size.

Picture saved with settings embedded.

And secondly a full size version cropped from the above – quite a bit of detail showing through!!

Picture saved with settings embedded.

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