Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year !!

Another Mosaic - this time a race against the clouds that were rolling in!!  I was taking 2000 frames per pane and the last one was clouded over at about the 600 frame mark!!  A near run thing!!!

Anyway - A very Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!

31 December 2014 The Moon

And the full resolution version:

Click for Full size Moon

Last Sun of 2014

Clear blue skies but poor seeing this morning - and a temperature below freezing!!  Last Sun image of 2014 which gives a total of 125/365 days for the year.

31 December 2014 JPEG31 December 2014 Annotated JPEG31 December 2014 Long & Lat

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Three-days-in-a-row Moon pictures

Third day in a row for a Lunar Mosaic!  Again ED120APO and ASI120mm mono camera.  7 pane mosaic.

30 December 2014 Moon

Click for full size:

Click for full frame Moon

29 December Moon

Another Moon mosaic using my ED120APO, ASI120mm mono camera.  400/2000 frames stacked in AS2, Deconvolution in AstroImage3, 7 pane mosaic made in MS ICE and finished in PS.

29 December 2014 Moon

Full size click thumbnail:

Full Size Moon

30 Dec Sun

Today's low and hazy Sun - 51/150 frames collected over about half an hour due to the fluffy stuff!

30 December 2014 JPEG30 December 2014 Annotated JPEG30 December 2014 Long & Lat

Monday, 29 December 2014

A coloured Moon image

Just an experiment really - my first attempt at an RGB image.  ED120 APO, ASI120mm mono camera RGB filters.  400/2000 frames for each channel stacked in AS2, sharpened in Astra Image3 using L-R deconvolution and finished in PS:

29 December 2014 RGB Moon

(RGB means an image made from three images taken using different coloured filters - one Red, one Blue and one Green, and a “mono” camera.  By combining the three coloured images in the image processing you get a “colour” image.)

Moon close-ups from last night

28 Dec Moon Close up 128 Dec Moon Close up 1 Annotated

28 Dec Moon Close up 228 Dec Moon Close up 2 Annotated 28 Dec Moon Close up 328 Dec Moon Close up 3 Annotated

As always click for full size.

28 December Moon

A mosaic of 7 images were taken to make up this Lunar image:

28 Dec Moon Full Frame mosaic

Full size is here:

Big Moon

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sunday Sun

Today's effort - I had a gap of about an hour but the seeing was only average with the Sun very low.

28 December 2014 JPEG28 December 2014 Annotated JPEG28 December 2014 Long & Lat

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Eve: Horse and Flame (now with double the data!)

Another night and another 1.5 hours of data taken between the trees.  Now 3h 10mins in 5 min subs and it makes quite a difference to the overall image! (See a couple of posts below).

ED120APO, Modded Canon 1000D. 38 x 5 min subs at ISO 800.  Stacked in DSS and finished in PS:

Picture saved with settings embedded.

(Click to enlarge)

Christmas Eve Images – IC 1514 or The Crystal Ball Nebula

I've not often seen this planetary nebula imaged - it's a bit small but interesting none the less.  In Taurus and about 600ly away, Discovered by Herschel in 1790.

ED120APO, EQ6 EQMOD, ST80 PHD guiding, 5min subs, modded Canon 1000D, processed in DSS and PS.  24 x 5mins lights = 2hrs exposure, 24 bias and 24flats.

Full size crop and full frame - as always needs more data!! (Click to enlarge):

24 December 2014 IC1514 Full Frame cropPicture saved with settings embedded.

Christmas Eve Moon

24 December 2014 Moon

Click to enlarge.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas eve Sun

Finally a clear sky!!  Took 250 as the seeing was poor and stacked 76 of them:

24 December 2014 JPEG24 December 2014 Annotated JPEG24 December 2014 Long & Lat

So far I have 122 days data for 2014 and 7 days to go.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The old nag’s head

This shows the “Horses head” nebula and the “Flame” nebula, both in the constellation Orion.  The Horses head is a dark patch of dust and gas and is officially “Barnard 33” or “IC434”.  The Flame looks a bit like a Christmas tree that has fallen onto its side!

Only 1h 35min of lights as I'm restricted by neighbours trees in the south.  29 x 5min Subs, 24 flats and 24 bias, no darks.  ED120 APO and modified Canon 1000D.  EQ6 mount, EQMOD, Guiding by ST80, QHY5 and PHD.

Click to enlarge:

Picture saved with settings embedded.

The bright star (left of centre) is the leftmost star of the three that make up Orion’s belt. In my image north (or “up”) is to the left.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Winter Sun

13 December 2014 JPEG13 December 2014 Annotated JPEG13 December 2014 Long & Lat

Clear blue skies overhead today, just a little bit of haze and a temp of -1°C.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Moon 5 December 2014

Last nights Moon.  A 7 pane mosaic to make the full disc:
(Click below to get a larger image and then click the icon at the top right for full size):

A cold and frosty morning…

Clear skies and very frosty this morning!  The seeing was fair:

6 December 2014 JPEG6 December 2014 Annotated JPEG6 December 2014 Long & Lat

Sunday, 30 November 2014

First Sun for four weeks!!

First Sun since the 9th November!!!  I took 140 frames over an hour due to lots of thin cloud interfering.  Stacked 40 of them to get this image. 120mm Achromat, Canon 1100D, ISO 100, 1/800 sec, Baader solar film:

30 November 2014 JPEG30 November 2014 Annotated JPEG30 November 2014 Long & Lat

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Autumnal Sun

Had to wait a while today but finally there was some blue!!  Ran off 200 frames and this is the best 67 stacked:

9 November 2014 JPEG9 November 2014 Annotated JPEG9 November 2014 Long & Lat

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Bonfire night–A couple more Moons:

5 November 2014 Moon Full Frame

(Click images to enlarge)

5 November 2014 Moon Mosaic

The top one is “full frame” and the lower one a mosaic of smaller frames – again taken with Bizibilder’s new “toy”.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Glad to see the Moon is still there!!

Bizibilder has a new camera for imaging the Solar system – a good quality high speed camera that is purely “mono” or “grayscale” (i.e. no colour!).  To take colour pictures you have to take a red, a blue and a green image using filters and then combine them in something like Photoshop to make a coloured image.  Here are the results of an evenings playing around.  Scope was my 120mm APO and a filter wheel with Baader RGB filters.

Mosaic using 640x420 ROI and 300/4000 frames.  Gain = 0 Exposure = 3ms. Camera speed around 110 frames per second  The first two images are through a red filter only – this helps to reduce atmospheric turbulence effects:

4 November 2014 Moon Mosaic 2

As above but this time with a 2.5x Powermate.  Exposure up to 10ms and the gain up to 10:

4 November 2014 Moon Mosaic 1

Now my first ever attempt at an RGB colour image:

Moon RGB

And finally an "LRGB" image where I added an image taken through an IR blocking filter as "L".  Simply added this in Photoshop using "Luminance"  - so I'm not too sure if this really is "LRGB"!! (The “L” stands for luminance and is really only a grayscale image added to help with the overall image contrast.)


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Today’s Sun

Today's Sun.  With lots of little spots all over the place!!

1 November 2014 JPEG1 November 2014 Annotated JPEG1 November 2014 Long & Lat

Halloween: Galaxy NGC 891 and the Galaxy cluster Abel 347

I took five hours worth on this target but discarded the first hour due to a bit too much light pollution from the Moon!

48 x 5min subs, flats and bias, with a modded Canon 1000D, ED120APO with reducer, EQ6/ST80/PHD guiding, EQMOD.

There is a good clear dust lane across NGC891.  Abel 347 is a galaxy cluster of around 30 galaxies - there are at least 20 visible in the picture:

The full field of view:  (click to enlarge)

Picture saved with settings embedded.

Just the galaxy:

Picture saved with settings embedded.

The Galaxy cluster:  (click to enlarge)

Picture saved with settings embedded.