Saturday, 23 August 2014

Saturday Sun

Lots going on today - two AR's have developed many tiny spotlets or pores - 2146 and 2148.  There also seems to be some new activity coming into view round the limb.

Time for a Kit description:  SW Evostar ED120mm Achromat, Baader Solar film,  Canon 1100D, ISO 100, 1/3200 sec.  EQ6 mount in my observatory.  Stack of 58 from 150 frames taken.  Sorted and cropped in PIPP, stacked in Registax5 and finished (with false colour) in Photoshop, Long and Lat grid courtesy of "Tilting Sun" software.

23 August 2014 JPEG23 August 2014 Annotated JPEG23 August 2014 Long & Lat

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