Sunday, 28 September 2014

The PacMan Nebula in Cassiopeia (NGC281)

Managed 3h 10mins on this one last night before the clouds rolled in and put an end to proceedings.

ED120APO with reducer/flattener, ST80 guidescope/QHY5/PHD guiding, EQ6/EQMOD, Modded Canon 1000D at ISO 800.

38 x 5min lights, 24 each flats and bias.  No darks.  Processed in DSS and Photoshop.

27 Sept PacMan NGC 281

His “mouth” is pointing up to the right as he nibbles his way through the stars! (Click image to enlarge). The nebula is a cloud of gas and a star formation region of the Milky Way and is about 9500 light years away.

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