Wednesday, 29 October 2014

California Nebula–rough and ready!

Just playing with this as 45 mins is nowhere near enough.  I just wanted to get an idea of the brightness and size of this one and maybe get more data when it is better placed.  It is quite big!

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

An “open cluster” of stars

Just a whole lot of stars bunched together in space!  officially called NGC752 in the constellation Andromeda.  (The cluster appears about the same size as the Moon in the sky).  The two bright stars, lower right, are the “double star” called 56 Andromeda.

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Some Galaxies

A bit small - but they are there!  A couple of hours on Stephen's Quintet of five colliding Galaxies.  They are about 300 million light years away.  The annotated one shows NGC numbers.  (NGC7320 is a foreground object and is only about 40 million light years away).

SW ED120APO with reducer.  Canon 1000D ISO800. Guided EQ6/PHD/ST80.  2h 5min of 5min subs with flats and bias.

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Tuesday Sun

Today's Sun - AR 2192 is getting quite close to the limb now.  Seeing not so good even though the sky was blue!

28 October 2014 JPEG28 October 2014 Annotated JPEG28 October 2014 Long & Lat

Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday morning Sun

The biggie is still on view but the seeing today was pretty awful with the image boiling all over the place!

27 October 2014 JPEG27 October 2014 Annotated JPEG27 October 2014 Long & Lat

Saturday, 25 October 2014

AR 2192–Up close and personal!!

By far the best of around a dozen .avi's taken this morning (45Gb worth!!).  This one had by far the best quality graph and enabled me to stack 450/4000 frames in Autostakkert2.  Sharpening was with Astra Image 3.0 SI using Lucy-Richardson deconvolution.  This seems to give much better results than I have ever been able to achieve with wavelets.

Skywatcher Evostar 120mm Achromat.  Baader Solar film.  QHY IMG132H camera.  1 ms exposures 450/4000 frames stacked.  I have included both B&W and false colour images - take your pick! (click to enlarge):

25 October 2014 Best process AR 2192

The Sun 25 October 2014 _ featuring Active Area 2192

Today's Sun and a chance to get to grips with AR 2192 or "The Biggie".

Click on images for full size:

25 October 2014 JPEG25 October 2014 Annotated JPEG25 October 2014 Long & Lat


25 October 2014 AR 2192

Monday, 20 October 2014

NGC7479–Barred Spiral Galaxy–19 October 2014

A rather nice, if small,  barred spiral in Pegasus.  It is about 105 million light years away.

It was very (Very!!) windy last night and around 2 out of three subs were ruined due to the scope being blown about - even though it was in the observatory!  This is a stack of 40mins total of 5min subs taken with my usual rig of ED120APO with reducer, Canon 1000D modded, on an EQ6 guided with PHD.  Stacked in DSS, flats and bias included.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Big Spot of October 2014!!

The BIG Spot !!!  I had to break out the winter solar imaging gear to get a shot of this as i have trees that block my southern view from the observatory.

I have an EQ5 that lives on a pier in the garden, covered with an upturned Tesco's 45 litre plastic waste bin, then a patio chair cover (which is waterproof) and finally a green plastic chimera cover (which is only 90% waterproof!).  This set up has survived its third year unscathed.  The scope is a SW Evostar 120mm Achromat, the camera a Canon 1100D.  The mount has dual axis motors.

These are made from a stack of 38/160 frames taken at ISO 100.  1/1250 sec exposure.  Baader Solar film at full aparture.

Oh - did I mention _ there is a huge active area visible at the moment?

19 October 2014 JPEG19 October 2014 Annotated JPEG19 October 2014 Long & Lat

19 October 2014 Full Size

Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Hazy Sunday Sun

Had to wait for the morning mist and fog to lift but by 10 o'clock it had more or less gone.  200 frames were taken but many had some "thin cloud" so were dumped.  Final stack of fifty frames:

12 October 2014 JPEG12 October 2014 Annotated JPEG12 October 2014 Long & Lat

Sunday, 5 October 2014

5 October Sun

Clear skies this morning after overnight rain - seeing only fair:

5 October 2014 JPEG5 October 2014 Annotated JPEG5 October 2014 Long & Lat

Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Sun

Today's Sun - very low in the West and a bit hazy:

3 October 2014 JPEG3 October 2014 Annotated JPEG3 October 2014 Long & Lat