Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Big Spot of October 2014!!

The BIG Spot !!!  I had to break out the winter solar imaging gear to get a shot of this as i have trees that block my southern view from the observatory.

I have an EQ5 that lives on a pier in the garden, covered with an upturned Tesco's 45 litre plastic waste bin, then a patio chair cover (which is waterproof) and finally a green plastic chimera cover (which is only 90% waterproof!).  This set up has survived its third year unscathed.  The scope is a SW Evostar 120mm Achromat, the camera a Canon 1100D.  The mount has dual axis motors.

These are made from a stack of 38/160 frames taken at ISO 100.  1/1250 sec exposure.  Baader Solar film at full aparture.

Oh - did I mention _ there is a huge active area visible at the moment?

19 October 2014 JPEG19 October 2014 Annotated JPEG19 October 2014 Long & Lat

19 October 2014 Full Size

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