Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Glad to see the Moon is still there!!

Bizibilder has a new camera for imaging the Solar system – a good quality high speed camera that is purely “mono” or “grayscale” (i.e. no colour!).  To take colour pictures you have to take a red, a blue and a green image using filters and then combine them in something like Photoshop to make a coloured image.  Here are the results of an evenings playing around.  Scope was my 120mm APO and a filter wheel with Baader RGB filters.

Mosaic using 640x420 ROI and 300/4000 frames.  Gain = 0 Exposure = 3ms. Camera speed around 110 frames per second  The first two images are through a red filter only – this helps to reduce atmospheric turbulence effects:

4 November 2014 Moon Mosaic 2

As above but this time with a 2.5x Powermate.  Exposure up to 10ms and the gain up to 10:

4 November 2014 Moon Mosaic 1

Now my first ever attempt at an RGB colour image:

Moon RGB

And finally an "LRGB" image where I added an image taken through an IR blocking filter as "L".  Simply added this in Photoshop using "Luminance"  - so I'm not too sure if this really is "LRGB"!! (The “L” stands for luminance and is really only a grayscale image added to help with the overall image contrast.)


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