Saturday, 20 December 2014

The old nag’s head

This shows the “Horses head” nebula and the “Flame” nebula, both in the constellation Orion.  The Horses head is a dark patch of dust and gas and is officially “Barnard 33” or “IC434”.  The Flame looks a bit like a Christmas tree that has fallen onto its side!

Only 1h 35min of lights as I'm restricted by neighbours trees in the south.  29 x 5min Subs, 24 flats and 24 bias, no darks.  ED120 APO and modified Canon 1000D.  EQ6 mount, EQMOD, Guiding by ST80, QHY5 and PHD.

Click to enlarge:

Picture saved with settings embedded.

The bright star (left of centre) is the leftmost star of the three that make up Orion’s belt. In my image north (or “up”) is to the left.

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