Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sorry folks!

None of the links on my blog to my "large" Moon images will work anymore - the site I have been using to hold my images has decided to start charging extortionate rates and I have closed my account with them.  I will try and find a suitable substitute asap.
Last Sun image of 2015!!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

 Today's Sun - very low in the sky and poor seeing:  Stack of 69 from 150 frames.  120mm Achromat, Canon 1100D, Baader film

Friday, 25 December 2015

Some Christmas Eve Moon mosaics

First up a nine pane mosaic of the almost Full Moon.  ED120APO, ASI120mm mono camera, ir block filter, 320/2000 frames stacked in AS2 and L-R deconvolution using astra-Image.  Finished and stitched together in PS CS5.

Then (with the addition of a 2.5x Powermate) The Northern region showing good libration:

And a general view of the South - showing the ray systems of Copernicus and Tycho among others:

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23 Dec 2015 nearly full Moon

Another lunar mosaic - 9 panes required to get the Fullish disc in completely:

And full size here:

23 December Sun

Better seeing today even though the Sun was still very low over the neighbours rooftops (altitude about 12°).  55/200 frames stacked. 120mm Achromatic refractor.  Canon 1100D.  ISO 100, 1/800 sec.  Baader solar film.

Monday, 21 December 2015

21 Dec 2015 - More Moon mosaics

All taken with an ED120APO and ASI120mm mono camera.

Firstly a six pane full disc mosaic:

Full size here:

Then the Northern part using a 2.5x Powermate - showing good libration:

Full size here:

And the Southern uplands:

Full size Here:

Big Moon mosaic - 20 Dec 2015

A 24 pane mosaic of the Moon from 20th Dec - Incomplete as the moon passed behind my neighbours trees before I could complete it.

And full size: (Click on the little cross top right for full size!)

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Moon 20 December 2015 - six pane mosaic

A six pane Moon mosaic taken in mono with my 120mm APO and ASi120mm camera.  200/2000 frames stacked per pane in AS2 and then L-R deconv using Astra Image.  Finished and stitched in PS.

Reduced size JPEG:

Full size mosaic:

The Sun 20 December 2015

14° or 15° C outside and observing/imaging in my shirtsleeves!  All the windows open at home and just two days before midwinter - Has the world gone crazy!!

My first Sun image since the 1st November - that's how bad (if mild) the weather has been this winter.

A stack of 40 from 72 frames taken with the Sun just 13° above the horizon.  120mm achromat and Canon 1100D ISO 100 and 1/1000 sec exposure.  Baader solar film 5.0.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

And another Mono-Moon from 31st October

31 October Moon Mosaic JPEG

Hazy Sun

Todays Sun - quite a steady sky but hazy due to overnight fog taking its time to fully clear:

1 November 2015 JPEG1 November 2015 Annotated JPEG1 November 2015 Long & Lat

Saturday, 31 October 2015

At last a bit of clear sky! Saturday Sun:

At last a gap in the clouds!  Even so this is a stack of the best 36 from 250 taken:

31 October 2015 JPEG31 October 2015 Annotated JPEG31 October 2015 Long & Lat

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Moon 27 October 2015

Just time for a mono-Moon tonight as the clouds rolled in - shame as the seeing was quite good for once.

Moon 27 October 2015 Monochrome JPEG

And Full Size:

Full size here

Full Moon 26 October 2015

Managed to have a good session imaging the Moon last night.  First a 9 pane mosaic, then a nine pane RGB mosaic and finally just for fun a saturated version of the RGB image.  JPEG's Here and full size images if you follow the thumbnails.

ED120 APO, ZWO ASI120mm mono camera, RGB filters in a manual filter wheel, 100/1000 frames per pane stacked in AS2 and sharpened in Astra Image with L-R Deconvolution.  Finished in Photoshop and stitched in PS. The RGB panes were three lots of everything and took an age to process!!

Mono version:

Moon 26 October 2015 Monochrome Mosaic JPEG

Thumbnail to Full Size:

Full size mono click here

RGB Colour version:

Moon 26 October 2015 RGB Colour Mosaic JPEG

Thumbnail to Full Size:

Full size Colour click here

And just for fun a saturated version of the colour image:

Moon 26 October 2015 Saturated Colour Mosaic JPEG

Monday, 26 October 2015

Monday Sun

Steep learning curve today as this is my first view of the Sun for over a fortnight!  Additionally I now have to use the "secondary " mount (an EQ5 set up on the patio due to neighbours trees getting in the way) and the "ordinary" 120mm Achromatic refractor (with a slightly longer focal length than the APO).  On top of all that BST has reverted to GMT!  All too much for Bizibilders poor little brain!

26 October 2015 JPEG26 October 2015 Annotated JPEG26 October 2015 Long & Lat

Sunday, 25 October 2015

As the cold winters nights draw in……..

Bizibilder needs something to occupy him – so clear nights for Astronomy - and cloudy nights will be filled with the construction of another model sailing ship:

End 4

Captain Cooks ship on his first voyage to the Pacific- “His Majesteys Bark - Endeavour”.

Overall the model will be a couple of feet long when fully rigged.

End 8

At the moment there is no glue to be seen – just the basic framework being cut and dry fitted.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Sun today–11 October 2015

Absolutely atrocious seeing today!  The first image is a crop (full size) of the best one of 150 frames taken!!

11 October 2015 poor seeing

In the end I scrapped almost all of them and stacked 14 of the best 20 - even that was a struggle!

11 October 2015 JPEG11 October 2015 Annotated JPEG11 October 2015 Long & Lat

Friday, 9 October 2015

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sun 8 October

Today's Sun as it sank slowly in the West:

8 October 2015 JPEG8 October 2015 Annotated JPEG8 October 2015 Long & Lat