Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Moon and some large mosaics

Clear and steady (and freezing!) last night so I was able to use the 2.5x Powermate on my ED120APO for some "large" mosaics.  Camera was my ASI120mm mono and each pane 300/2000 frames stacked in AS!2 and L-R Deconvolution in Astra Image 3.0.

First the full disc (without the Powermate) - a 6 pane mosaic:

30 January 2015 Moon Mosaic

Full size here:

Full size

Now with the Powermate - These images are large!! When you open the Astrobin image click on the red cross at top right for the full sized image.

The North West part showing almost maximum libration:

30 January 2015 Moon Libration Mosaic

Full size here:

Full size

South polar region showing Clavius and Tycho well defined with shadows:

30 January 2015 Moon South polar region

Full size here:

Full size

Finally a single pane showing Copernicus:

30 January 2015 Moon Copernicus

Click image above for larger size

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Moon 26 January 2015–An RGB colour image

The sky was clear and I finally had time to try an RGB image of the moon (Three sets of images one through a red filter, one through Green and one through Blue – combined in Photoshop to produce a colour image).

So 49.8 Gb of data later!! I had collected enough to make this image.  I did make a few mistakes but - live and learn!

The first was to process all the movies in AS!2 and then do a R-L deconvolution on each one (three colours, five panes each) and I then stitched each of the three colour mosaics together.  First mistake!  When I tried to combine the RGB channels I could not get the whole image aligned as the mosaic process has allowed some very slight mis-alignment between panes, only a pixel or two but enough to prevent alignment over the whole image.

So start again and this time make each pane into an RGB image on its own and finally stitch the colour panes together - That worked and is what you see here.

Kit:  ED120 APO, AS120MM mono camera, RGB filters in a manual filter wheel, EQ6 and a couple of evenings!!

Small JPEG:

26 January 2015 Moon RGB

Full size image:

Click for full size

Sunday, 25 January 2015

M42 The Orion Nebula

This is a composite of 15 sec, 30 sec and 5 min subs taken over three evenings - I can only get around an hour on M42 between the neighbours trees!  ED120APO, unmodified Canon 1100D at ISO 800, EQ6  EQMOD/PHD, stacked and aligned in DSS and finished in PS.

20 x 15 sec

20 x 30 sec

19 x 5 min subs - for a total of around an hour and a half.

I used the unmodified camera as I had been imaging comet Lovejoy with it and it seemed a shame to lose good imaging time by changing cameras!!

24 January 2015 M42 composite

Comet Lovejoy, tail and trails

Last nights effort on C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy.  ED120 APO, unmodded Canon 1100D, PHD Guiding (on a star).  64 x 2 min exposures stacked on the comet in DSS with 24 flats to calibrate.  Stretched in PS and cropped/tidied up.

As the comet is moving I have “stacked” my images to show the comet – this has resulted in the stars “trailing” in the background.

Quite pleased with this overall.

Picture saved with settings embedded.

The Moon 24 January 2014

A four pane mosaic from last night.  The seeing was a bit "wobbly" but not too bad.  ED120mm APO, ASI120mm mono, red filter, 5ms exposure, stacked in AS2 and L-R Deconv in Astra Image.  Finished and stitched together in PS:

24 January 2015 Moon

Full size here:

Full frame Moon click here

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Sun 24 January 2015 white light

The sky was blue and the seeing was awful - but 46/200 frames produced this:

(120mm Evostar Achromat / Motor driven EQ5 / Canon 1100D / Baader Solar film.)

24 January 2015 JPEG24 January 2015 Annotated JPEG24 January 2015 Long & Lat

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Comet Lovejoy Animation


This image is made up from the same 70 frames as used below but this time as an animation to show the movement of Comet Lovejoy over about 90 minutes.  For scale – the Full Moon would fit easily within the height of the image.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Another attempt at Lovejoy

Another night and a second attempt at this one.  Again 70 x 1min frames with my ED120 APO and Canon 1100D (unmodded).  Stacked on the Comet in DSS and stretched in PS.  I managed to get much better framing and some quite subtle detail in the tail this time although the tail was considerably fainter than yesterday.

16 January 2015 Lovejoy stacked

Comet Q2 Lovejoy

You can see this with binoculars (at present in Taurus but moving fast!).  This is through a telescope.  The stars are trailed as I have stacked the 70 images used here to show the comet.  If the stars were stacked to show the stars as points of light the comet would be a smudge!!  You could just about fit the Full Moon within the width of this picture.

My first attempt at this comet (and my first "real" atempt at any comet!).  A stack of 70 x 1min subs.  Stacked in DSS aligned on the comet and then finished in PS.  ED120APO with reducer/flattener.  Unmodded Canon 1100D ISO 800. Guided on background stars with ST80/QHY5 and PHD:

Picture saved with settings embedded.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

And a close-up:

Mare Crisium 2.5x bigger!

6 January 2015 Moon - Mare Crisium

Another in the Moon sequence

Another in this sequence of Moon images - last night a five pane mosaic of the Moon.  ED120APO and ASI120mm camera, red filter.  400/2000 frames for each pane stacked in AS2 and sharpened using L-R Deconv via Astra Image 3.0.  Finished and stitched in PS:

6 January 2015 Moon Mosaic

Full frame here:

Click for full frame

Sunday, 4 January 2015

4 January 2015 - Sunday Sun

Very clear today (and quite frosty!!) - I managed a few frames with the ASI120mm to get some detail of the large spot group AR2253:

4 January 2015 JPEG4 January 2015 Annotated JPEG4 January 2015 Long & Lat

4 January 2015 close up

Another Moon image!

Yet another clear night!  And another 9 pane Moon mosaic.  ED120 APO, ASI120mm, Red filter, 400/2000 frames:

3 January 2015 Moon Mosaic

Full frame here:

Click for Full frame Moon

Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year Moon

First Moon of the New Year:  ED120APO, ASI120mm mono camera, Red filter, 400/2000 frames per pane stacked in AS2, L-R deconvolution is Astra Image 3,  Finished in PS, 8 pane mosaic:

2 January 2015 Moon Mosaic

Full size here:

Full Size Moon

2 January 2015 Sun

First Sun of the New Year - 40/200 frames stacked.  Quite a bit going on with 2253 developing nicely!

2 January 2015 JPEG2 January 2015 Annotated JPEG2 January 2015 Long & Lat