Friday, 16 January 2015

Comet Q2 Lovejoy

You can see this with binoculars (at present in Taurus but moving fast!).  This is through a telescope.  The stars are trailed as I have stacked the 70 images used here to show the comet.  If the stars were stacked to show the stars as points of light the comet would be a smudge!!  You could just about fit the Full Moon within the width of this picture.

My first attempt at this comet (and my first "real" atempt at any comet!).  A stack of 70 x 1min subs.  Stacked in DSS aligned on the comet and then finished in PS.  ED120APO with reducer/flattener.  Unmodded Canon 1100D ISO 800. Guided on background stars with ST80/QHY5 and PHD:

Picture saved with settings embedded.

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