Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Moon 26 January 2015–An RGB colour image

The sky was clear and I finally had time to try an RGB image of the moon (Three sets of images one through a red filter, one through Green and one through Blue – combined in Photoshop to produce a colour image).

So 49.8 Gb of data later!! I had collected enough to make this image.  I did make a few mistakes but - live and learn!

The first was to process all the movies in AS!2 and then do a R-L deconvolution on each one (three colours, five panes each) and I then stitched each of the three colour mosaics together.  First mistake!  When I tried to combine the RGB channels I could not get the whole image aligned as the mosaic process has allowed some very slight mis-alignment between panes, only a pixel or two but enough to prevent alignment over the whole image.

So start again and this time make each pane into an RGB image on its own and finally stitch the colour panes together - That worked and is what you see here.

Kit:  ED120 APO, AS120MM mono camera, RGB filters in a manual filter wheel, EQ6 and a couple of evenings!!

Small JPEG:

26 January 2015 Moon RGB

Full size image:

Click for full size

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