Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Moon and some large mosaics

Clear and steady (and freezing!) last night so I was able to use the 2.5x Powermate on my ED120APO for some "large" mosaics.  Camera was my ASI120mm mono and each pane 300/2000 frames stacked in AS!2 and L-R Deconvolution in Astra Image 3.0.

First the full disc (without the Powermate) - a 6 pane mosaic:

30 January 2015 Moon Mosaic

Full size here:

Full size

Now with the Powermate - These images are large!! When you open the Astrobin image click on the red cross at top right for the full sized image.

The North West part showing almost maximum libration:

30 January 2015 Moon Libration Mosaic

Full size here:

Full size

South polar region showing Clavius and Tycho well defined with shadows:

30 January 2015 Moon South polar region

Full size here:

Full size

Finally a single pane showing Copernicus:

30 January 2015 Moon Copernicus

Click image above for larger size

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