Sunday, 22 February 2015

M81 and M82 21 February 2015–10 min subs with a DSLR!!

I thought I'd try some 10 minute subs with my 1100D (I invariably use 5mins for DSO imaging) just to see what would happen.

I was expecting all sorts of problems but these did not materialise!  The only issue I did have was some slightly egg shaped stars after about an hour of imaging - I can only assume this was due to the scope being in an almost vertical position and something somewhere moving!  (I did check and there were no cables etc snagging).  The PHD trace remained dead straight but the stars became elongated by a couple of pixels.  That left me with an hour of useful subs.

So  6 x 10 mins with a Canon 1100D at ISO 800.  ED 120 APO on an EQ6 guiding with an ST80 and QHY5/ EQMOD.   Processed with flats and bias only in DSS and PS CS5:

Picture saved with settings embedded.

Take a look below (18th Feb) for an image taken using 3 hrs of 5min subs…

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