Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Evening Sun 30 Sept 2015

Nice clear blue evening sky:

30 September 2015 JPEG30 September 2015 Annotated JPEG30 September 2015 Long & Lat

30 September 2015 Active Areas

Another Moon mosaic

Another clear night and another mosaic of the moon:

Full Moon 29 September 2015 JPEG

Click link for full size:

Full size Moon

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Full Moon 27 Sept 2015

Apart from the eclipse and "blood Moon", perihelion and being 100% full there was another little "milestone" last night.  The Full Moon occurred at almost zero libration - less than 1° N and less than half a degrees E/W. ie the apparent “wobble” of the Moon was reduced to almost zero.

Anyway - a nine pane mosaic:  ASI120mm mono, ED120APO, stacks of 100/1000 frames with good seeing for a change!  For once I'm quite pleased with the result:

Full Moon 27 September 2015 JPEG

And well worth clicking on the full size version (quite a big image!)

Click here for full size

The Sun 28 September

Very hazy today and quite a bit of doctoring required to get an image that was half decent!

28 September 2015 JPEG28 September 2015 Annotated JPEG28 September 2015 Long & Lat

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday Sun 27 September 2015

Today's Sun - still quite a bit going on:

27 September 2015 JPEG27 September 2015 Annotated JPEG27 September 2015 Long & Lat

27 September 2015 Active Areas

The Moon 26 September 2015

Last nights efforts with somewhat better seeing than the last few nights.  120mm APO and ASI120mm mono camera.  First up is a 9 pane mosaic and then several smaller mosaics of hopefully interesting regions.  These were taken with the addition of a 2.5x Powermate.  Full size versions included - click on the thumbnails:

The Moon 26 September 2015 9 pane mosaic JPEG

Full sized:The Moon 26 September 2015 Mosaics JPEG

Full Disc click here

Mosaics click here

Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Sun 26 September

26 September 2015 JPEG26 September 2015 Annotated JPEG26 September 2015 Long & Lat

26 September 2015 AR's Large frame 26 September 2015 Active Areas

Moon 25 September 2015–6 pane mosaic

A 6 pane mosaic taken with a 120mm refractor and ASI120mm mono camera.  Stacked in AS2 (40from 2000 frames), L-R deconvolution in Astra Image and stitched and finished in Photoshop.

The Moon 25 September 2015 6 pane mosaic JPEG

And full size here:

Full Size Here

Sunday, 20 September 2015

A hazy Sunday

A bit hazy and I had a few waits for light clouds to pass.  This is 43 from 166 frames taken.  120mm refractor, Canon 1100D, ISO 100, 1/2000 sec, Baader solar film.

20 September 2015 JPEG20 September 2015 Annotated JPEG20 September 2015 Long & Lat

Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Sun today

The Sun today - clear but a bit hazy:

19 September 2015 Annotated JPEG19 September 2015 JPEG19 September 2015 Long & Lat

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sun 12 September

Today's Sun - nice clear steady sky for a change!  AR2415 must be the previously huge AR2403 returning, although much depleted. See images from August 28/29:

12 September 2015 JPEG12 September 2015 Annotated JPEG12 September 2015 Long & Lat

Friday, 11 September 2015

Sun 11 Sept 2015

Yesterday I asked my neighbour if I could cut down his dreaded Buddleia bush so that I could photograph the Sun after I get home from work - he said "Yes"!!  So I did!!

Today's Buddleia free Sun is a stack of 34 from 260 frames taken.  it looks like there is a decent sized AR just coming into view:

11 September 2015 JPEG11 September 2015 Annotated JPEG11 September 2015 Long & Lat

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Poor old ‘Puter

Bizibilder’s astro-imaging laptop died about a week ago with a message saying the cooling fan had died – so to the computer shop and an estimate of £60 to fix it!  The computer is over five years old so it was hardly worth it (and Bizibilder hates wasting money!).
Puter 4Puter 1
A swift look on the web showed a new fan could be bought for under £4 – So he bought one and spent a couple of hours this morning taking the lappy to pieces:
Puter 2
Swapped the fan (top left in the picture and you have to dismantle the entire machine to get at it!!) for the new one and reassembled the beast.  Switched on and everything worked – a very pleased Bizibilder! (I am most certainly not a computer engineer!!)
The old fan was a bit rough when pushed round and the little internal cooling heat exchanger was completely full of fluff – no wonder it failed.