Saturday, 5 September 2015

Poor old ‘Puter

Bizibilder’s astro-imaging laptop died about a week ago with a message saying the cooling fan had died – so to the computer shop and an estimate of £60 to fix it!  The computer is over five years old so it was hardly worth it (and Bizibilder hates wasting money!).
Puter 4Puter 1
A swift look on the web showed a new fan could be bought for under £4 – So he bought one and spent a couple of hours this morning taking the lappy to pieces:
Puter 2
Swapped the fan (top left in the picture and you have to dismantle the entire machine to get at it!!) for the new one and reassembled the beast.  Switched on and everything worked – a very pleased Bizibilder! (I am most certainly not a computer engineer!!)
The old fan was a bit rough when pushed round and the little internal cooling heat exchanger was completely full of fluff – no wonder it failed.

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