Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sorry folks!

None of the links on my blog to my "large" Moon images will work anymore - the site I have been using to hold my images has decided to start charging extortionate rates and I have closed my account with them.  I will try and find a suitable substitute asap.
Last Sun image of 2015!!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

 Today's Sun - very low in the sky and poor seeing:  Stack of 69 from 150 frames.  120mm Achromat, Canon 1100D, Baader film

Friday, 25 December 2015

Some Christmas Eve Moon mosaics

First up a nine pane mosaic of the almost Full Moon.  ED120APO, ASI120mm mono camera, ir block filter, 320/2000 frames stacked in AS2 and L-R deconvolution using astra-Image.  Finished and stitched together in PS CS5.

Then (with the addition of a 2.5x Powermate) The Northern region showing good libration:

And a general view of the South - showing the ray systems of Copernicus and Tycho among others:

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23 Dec 2015 nearly full Moon

Another lunar mosaic - 9 panes required to get the Fullish disc in completely:

And full size here:

23 December Sun

Better seeing today even though the Sun was still very low over the neighbours rooftops (altitude about 12°).  55/200 frames stacked. 120mm Achromatic refractor.  Canon 1100D.  ISO 100, 1/800 sec.  Baader solar film.

Monday, 21 December 2015

21 Dec 2015 - More Moon mosaics

All taken with an ED120APO and ASI120mm mono camera.

Firstly a six pane full disc mosaic:

Full size here:

Then the Northern part using a 2.5x Powermate - showing good libration:

Full size here:

And the Southern uplands:

Full size Here:

Big Moon mosaic - 20 Dec 2015

A 24 pane mosaic of the Moon from 20th Dec - Incomplete as the moon passed behind my neighbours trees before I could complete it.

And full size: (Click on the little cross top right for full size!)

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Moon 20 December 2015 - six pane mosaic

A six pane Moon mosaic taken in mono with my 120mm APO and ASi120mm camera.  200/2000 frames stacked per pane in AS2 and then L-R deconv using Astra Image.  Finished and stitched in PS.

Reduced size JPEG:

Full size mosaic:

The Sun 20 December 2015

14° or 15° C outside and observing/imaging in my shirtsleeves!  All the windows open at home and just two days before midwinter - Has the world gone crazy!!

My first Sun image since the 1st November - that's how bad (if mild) the weather has been this winter.

A stack of 40 from 72 frames taken with the Sun just 13° above the horizon.  120mm achromat and Canon 1100D ISO 100 and 1/1000 sec exposure.  Baader solar film 5.0.