Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Moon Mosaics–20 January 2016

A few views of the Moon from this evening:

20 January 2016 Moon Mosaic JPEG20 January 2016 Moon North Mosaic JPEG20 January 2016 Moon South Mosaic JPEG

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Tonight’s Moon

Tonight’s Moon - just before it clouded over.  Six pane mosaic taken with an ED120APO and ASI120mm mono camera.  Each pane 200/2000 frames stacked in AS2 and finished with L-R deconvolution and PS for assembly and a final tweak.


17 January 2016 Moon Mosaic JPEG

Sunday Sun 17 Jan 16

Clear but hazy with some high cloud today.  Sorry for the stacking blemish on the right but the stacking software (Registax5) was doing its best !  33/150 frames stacked.

17 january 2016 JPEG17 january 2016 Annotated JPEG17 january 2016 Long & Lat

Saturday, 16 January 2016

New Blog writer

I have always used "Live Writer" to update this Blog but it no longer works with Blogger.  There is, however, an open source version called "Open Live Writer" that does work! The post below is my first with the new software.

The Sun Saturday 16th January

Todays Sun – a bit hazy but a couple of spots to record.

16 January 2016 JPEG16 January 2016 Annotated JPEG16 January 2016 Long & Lat

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Sun 10 January 2016

First Sun of the year.  I had some clear spells today but it was pretty hazy and unsteady:

10 January 2016 JPEG10 January 2016 Annotated JPEG10 January 2016 Long & Lat