Monday, 23 January 2017

Venus and Mars

Another shot of Venus - this time with enough time to get an RGB run as well as mono.  ED120 APO, 2.5x Powermate, ASI120mm camera.  200/5000 frames each channel RGB and 200/10,000 frames for the mono.

Also - for a bit of fun - a swift 200/5000 mono frames of a really tiny Mars! (Same optics so this is comparable in size to Venus image)

Mono Venus:

23 January 2017 Venus

RGB Venus:

23 January 2017 Venus RGB


23 January 2017 Mars

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Venus this evening 22 January 2017

A swift capture of Venus.  ED120 APO 2.5x Powermate and ASI120mm camera using an ir block filter only.  Just one run as I ran out of time before Venus dropped too low.  500/5000 frames. stacked is AS2 and finished in PS.

22 January 2017 Venus

First Sun image of the New year

My first pics of the Sun for three weeks and the first of the New Year!  hazy and -2°C outside so I'm a bit chilly .  In all that time I only missed three tiny spots as the Sun is so quiet at the moment.

22 January 2017 JPEG22 January 2017 Annotated JPEG22 January 2017 Long & Lat