Friday, 29 December 2017

Moon mosaics from 28 December

My first images for almost two months due to persistently cloudy weather!  A six pane mosaic of the Moon from last night:

28 December Moon 6 pane JPEG

I have also done a 33 pane humungous mosaic which can be found here:

Large Moon Here

Just keep clicking until the image fills the screen!  (three clicks, wait for it to open in a new window and click again for full size, I think Smile)

Saturday, 2 December 2017

An interesting comparison…

Cutting a 2½ inch diameter brass disc from 1/16 inch (1.5mm) thick brass sheet by hand with a jewellers piercing saw……About 30-40 minutes.

Same job with the renovated bandsaw……..17seconds!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Working again!

The new switch has arrived and been installed.  Bizibilder has also made a new lower blade guide assembly (These guides are the assemblies of three ball bearings above and below the work table – the table has been removed for the shots attached so you can see what is going on).  The machine is now in full working order and ready for use.  It is. however, set up on the lower of its two possible speeds and the blade adjusted and aligned specifically for cutting metals – brass almost exclusively – during its new working life.

Bandsaw 9Bandsaw 10Bandsaw 11Bandsaw 12

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

And the switch started smoking!……….

Just running the bandsaw whilst I adjusted the blade guides and noticed that the switch was smoking!  Turned it off quick.  Took the switch apart to find one of the contacts was well pitted and was obviously the “hot” one with melted plastic all round it.

New one – anything from £25 (plus £4.40 postage) to £1.97 including post!  I know which one I’ll be getting!!  “Official” ones are £16.95 plus P&P.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Renovating a Burgess BK2 Bandsaw

Bizibilder bought himself a wreck of a bandsaw about three weeks ago for the princely sum of £20 – A small tabletop Burgess BK2 two speed model probably made in the 1970’s.  Unfortunately in his haste to get on with the job he forgot to take any “before” pictures!

Suffice to say it was a sorry sight – 90% complete (the whole upper blade guide assembly was missing), both the machine and its motor, were full of sawdust (bandsaws always are!!) and looking as if someone had painted over the rusty bits and scratches with an old rag soaked in the gunge found at the bottom of an old tin of silver-grey paint.

Three weeks later and it is transformed! 

The whole machine was stripped down into its individual parts – which included drilling out some pop-rivets (I suspect some of these were original and quite a few not!), and completely dismantling, cleaning and reassembling the motor. All the main aluminium castings were “wire brushed” down to bare metal and the corroded steel parts, nuts and bolts etc. renovated or replaced.  A couple of coats of primer and yellow gloss for the insides and two coats of Hammerite silver on the outside got things looking better (£10) – The base and motor were sprayed dark green as Bizibilder had a spare can!  With a new blade and drive belt fitted (£15) the whole thing was reassembled.  A couple of evenings making a rather nifty new upper blade guide and the machine was complete. Bizibilder even cleaned and reused the original labels.  Total cost £45.

It is now “better than new” – especially with the uprated ball bearing blade guide! and should be good for another forty or so years service.

A few pics of the finished article:

Bandsaw 1Bandsaw 2Bandsaw 3Bandsaw 4Bandsaw 5Bandsaw 6Bandsaw 7Bandsaw 8

Friday, 27 October 2017

Last chance for those AR’s

Just a couple of tiny AR's today - Remnants of the two that have been on view for nearly three months:

27 October 2017 JPEG27 October 2017 Annotated JPEG27 October 2017 Long & Lat

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Sun today with returning spot groups

A couple of active areas on view - third time around for both?  AR 2673/2674 then 2683/2682 and now 2686/2685.  Seems likely.

25 October 2017 JPEG25 October 2017 Annotated JPEG25 October 2017 Long & Lat

Sunday, 15 October 2017

An awful Sun image!!

The seeing today was awful and I almost gave up trying to get an image of the Sun at all – not the best of images:

15 October 2017 JPEG15 October 2017 Annotated JPEG15 October 2017 Long & Lat

Saturday, 14 October 2017

And a spotless Sun:

14 October 2017 JPEG14 October 2017 Annotated JPEG14 October 2017 Long & Lat

Daytime Moon

A daylight Moon - After a regular session photographing the Sun I thought I'd have a go at the Moon too!  The moon was high in the sky so it gave a good opportunity.

ED120 APO, Canon 1100D, 1/640sec, 100 single frames taken.  PIPP was then used to crop the frames followed by AS2! to stack 60 from the 100 taken.  Then Lucy-Richardson deconvolution in Astra Image to sharpen.  Quite a few gentle iterations of curves in Photoshop to try and get some contrast back, followed by a tiny bit of sharpening.  The original colour image has been changed to mono.

14 October 2017 Daylight Moon