Sunday, 25 April 2010

Let the drain take the strain!

Yet more cement to mix!
Bizibilder has installed a water-butt to take the rainfall off the observatory roof.  The whole thing looks rather functional (and ugly!) but a few shrubs around the place should hide the worst of it.  The “long” downpipe was not at the correct angle so Bizibilder had to bend it slightly – lots of care and a hot air paint stripper soon softened the plastic enough to get a slight bend in it! IMG_0403

Friday, 23 April 2010

Moon Drawings

Cassini1 Bizibilder has been out with his new telescope drawing the Moon (or rather bits of it!).  On the left is the crater Cassini.

(120mm refractor x200)
And on the right Plato. This crater is famous for having a very dark, flat floor.
(120mm refractor x200)

Friday, 16 April 2010

In the gutter…

IMG_0333 At last!  Bizibilder has got around to installing guttering on the observatory.  It took a while to get the run-offs right!  Both sides are done it’s just a case of deciding how to route the downpipes and finishing off.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Shelving an idea!

 IMG_0331 Bizibilder’s new refractor mounted in the observatory – He just needs a clear sky now!

One of the problems of a small observatory is having a place to put things like eyepieces, charts, notebooks, drawings, pencils and paper etc. – not to mention torches, spare glasses and gloves!
 IMG_0330 So Bizibilder spent much of today (AND £15!!) building himself a “moveable” shelf – that is one that could be unclipped from one place and put somewhere more convenient whilst observing (the observatory IS only 6’ by 6’).  It was a disaster! Clumsy, insecure and generally not up to the task.  Bizibilder went indoors and sulked.

To console himself he was thumbing through the Argos catalogue when he spotted this rather nifty kitchen trolley – EXACTLY what was wanted!!!
On wheels – so portable, plenty of shelves, even a drawer for bits and bobs!! Happy Bizibilder!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Step three….

IMG_0325 Bizibilder spent the morning mixing more concrete, this time for the Observatory step.  It is now laid and finished.  There is only one problem…….
IMG_0329 Bizibilder’s new refractor telescope arrived today and Bizibilder is keen to fix it to the mount in the observatory BUT the step is wet!!

Bizibilder will have to be patient!
IMG_0296 Bizibilder nearly forgot these!  For caulking the observatory with silicone sealant Bizibilder needed to get in at some funny angles into various nooks and corners!  So he made a bent nozzle for the silicone gun – simply heat a spare nozzle in a hot air paint stripper and bend, hold until cool and hey presto! He can silicone seal around corners!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Step two…

Bizibilder has finally re-cycled the shuttering from the Observatory in order to make the entrance step. IMG_0314
Although apparently crude this shuttering is DEAD level across the width and has a slope AWAY from the observatory base of 1/4”.  This, of course, is to avoid puddles or flooding! IMG_0323

Saturday, 10 April 2010

A Tour of the Observatory

This is for Ann - she likes video's!!! Its a quick tour of the Observatory as requested.

One Small Step for…………..

Bizibilder popped into town today and found some 50mm x 50mm plastic angle for use in tidying up the step at the door end of the observatory.  This has worked well and the white colour should show the step well enough in the dark! IMG_0285
The step from inside – the plastic goes all the way across to generally tidy the whole edge up. IMG_0286
Another purchase today – some red document covers pressed into service to make “red light” lantern and light – Astronomers use red lights to allow them to see without ruining dark–adapted eyesight.

The mains light that you see only has a 15watt bulb in it – it runs warm but not hot, as there is now almost no ventilation at all!!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Goin’ to work – Don’t you just hate the journey?

Bizibilder took these last summer on his journey to work – he has to travel about 9 miles through this sort of traffic every day, twice a day!!

He found these whilst sorting some pics – he had forgotten to post them at the time!
work2 work3

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Flower Power!

Daffodil2 Daffodil1
tulip4 A few spring blooms to brighten up the Blog!